Welcome to the EDUKWEST Academy

Today we are proud to take the next step toward making EDUKWEST the go-to destination on the Internet for education entrepreneurs, business oriented educators, investors in edtech and just about everybody with an interest in the fast moving landscape of online education worldwide.

With the launch of the EDUKWEST Academy we add an important new type of content to our already successful coverage of edtech entrepreneurship: courses, guides and advice from select mentors who excel at what they do.

We live in a society where lifelong learning is essential, and having the required skills to do the job is becoming increasingly valued over the traditional degree one acquired some 10 or 20 years ago. There are already a couple of great sites and platforms out there on the Internet that offer courses to teach you about business and help us build the necessary skillset required today and in the years to come – and they are doing a fine job.

Over the past couple of months, however, as the team and I had to learn a lot about how to transition EDUKWEST from mainly being a passion project into a serious business with responsibilities, I felt that there was not really somebody offering advice that was specific enough for the education market. Certainly, EDUKWEST has built a large network over the years, and it were these individual conversations with fellow founders, with educators and also investors in our space that have helped make EDUKWEST articles and coverage even more relevant recently and open us to a larger audience and readership than we had before.

And this learning path made me think that if these pieces of advice were relevant and helpful to me, they will likely be helpful to others a situation similar to ours.

Building the First EdTech Business School

Therefore, the EDUKWEST Academy will not be about abstract knowledge, but we will take a more hands-on approach. The EDUKWEST Academy will offer practical advice in the form of guides, courses and mentorship edtech entrepreneurs and educators will be able to execute upon.

Areas of interest range from coming up with a business plan, building a team, raising funding, getting customers and scaling to PR outreach as well as the right way to approach schools and teachers to get their feedback on what you are building and to test your products. Quite simply put, the EDUKWEST Academy wants to help edtech entrepreneurs to build a meaningful business in education.

The vast majority of the content in the EDUKWEST Academy will be available for free as we count on the support of the edtech community to provide the project with the necessary funds to maintain and grow the site. Nevertheless, some parts will require the learner to pay for access, most likely for webinars, some select courses and live events.

We see our place in the edtech ecosystem around accelerators and incubators. Some of the content in the EDUKWEST Academy will be suitable for absolute beginners, for example a tutor who is thinking about setting up her own business and wanting to learn about how to bring it online or a developer who wants to create apps for the K-12 or language learning market.

On the other end of the scale the Academy will offer advice from experienced edtech entrepreneurs and investors for founders who already have a product, first customers and now need to scale the startup or who are looking for investors. Actually, we would love to see our courses and guides to be used in accelerator and incubator programs!

Announcing the First Course

Over the past couple of weeks EDUKWEST has worked together with the team at LearnToProgram.TV on our first course. As a result we are excited to launch this first course called Understanding Programming: a Primer.

These days, everyone talks about programming as the key success factor in people’s lives. There have been some good and some not-so-good initiatives to tackle this. As our contribution we as EDUKWEST want to challenge you with this six-part course to get a real understanding for the underlying principles and concepts in learning how to program.

The course is designed for startup founders, educators and parents alike to give you a taste for what it means to actually know how to code whether it might be to get a better understanding about what your developers actually do or what we expect from our teachers, students and kids in school.

So of course, I don’t want to give the impression that everybody who takes this course will be able to develop a full-fledged web application after just six weeks. What I hope it will do is to teach you important things about different programming languages along with practical exercises that will challenge you to put your knowledge to the test. The objective of the course is to work up your appetite for more, and the team at LearnToProgram.TV and I would love to hear about your experiences taking your first steps into the world of programming.

Evolution is in our DNA

As this project is part of an education technology media startup with a strong footprint in news coverage and spotting the latest trends, the EDUKWEST Academy will be constantly evolving and adapting its content to the needs of the market and the people working in it.

We are looking forward to go on this new journey together with our readers and hope that the EDUKWEST Academy will be able to play its role to bring better education to the world.

Picture “University of Chicago Seminary Staircase” by Chris Smith, Some Rights Reserved

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at