Tutoring Agencies

How Tutoring Agencies can profit from Growing Global Demand

There are lots of opportunities in the global tutoring field. Tutoring is listed as one of the top 16 industries worldwide for starting a new business, with a with a growthrate of 7% in the last year.

Besides, GlobalAnalysts, Inc. (GIA) released a study stating that the Global Private Tutoring industry will surpass $102,8 Billion by 2018, so there’s no doubt that you will benefit from market trend.

On top of that, since there are more and more students, who are willing to enter in highly rated universities as competition increases. This is exciting news for anyone involved in the tutoring industry.

The immediate challenges in 2014 will be to capitalise on such strong domestic growth, while thinking globally and digitally to find where the next raft of opportunities will be.

It will be important for tutoring agencies to avoid the temptations of stampeding down the ‘online portal’ route too soon. The key to the survival of any company which acts as an intermediary is in the depth and the strength of the relationships they form. Any tutoring agency that loses sight of this will invariably risk developing a transient client and tutor base.

A consistent emphasis in this respect: a maintenance of focus on the personal touch as the best means to build relationships with clients and tutors alike. That is not to say ruling out of online tutorials as an additional part of what agencies provide: but to understand that the best possible education at this present time is still to be found in-person, face-to-face. The key to acting as an immediatary.

Often tutoring agencies grow big enough to expand into other areas, such as running tuition centres, hosting education conferences, or publishing magazines, so it is often a great platform for an ambitious business to start from.

Recently our focus on the personal touch has led us in some exciting directions. We developed TutorCruncher, to streamline and store the entire agency admin process, has not only freed up huge amounts time and resources in the daily admin of any busy tutoring agency — but it also offers tutoring agencies around the world an excellent opportunity to transform their business models, cutting their costs, freeing up their resources, and allowing them to realign their focus to where it needs to be — on their clients and tutors.

The tutoring industry is highly popular and growing industry in USA, England, Canada and Asia and spreading toward the rest of the world. There is large potential in the European market, who lag a few years behind the rest. Students and their families will willingly engage in support to increase their own opportunities especially in competitive subjects.

Having built one of the largest tutoring businesses in the UK, Woody and his team set out to design CRM systems for the burgeoning tutoring industry, creating Tutorcruncher.com. Woody works tirelessly with the companies using TutorCruncher to add more and more features to automate increasing amounts of administration. This gives clients more valuable time to focus on running their tutoring businesses.