Today's Campus 9 Andrew Shakman LeanPath

Today’s Campus Innovation Interview #9 – Andrew Shakman of LeanPath

Today's Campus 9 Andrew Shakman LeanPathWe speak a lot about making college more affordable. Tuition and textbooks naturally come to mind first. But saving colleges money can also happen through food waste prevention and tracking systems.

For this interview my guest is Andrew Shakman, the CEO and President of LeanPath. LeanPath has been in the business for over ten years and helps its customers reduce their waste significantly and also save on their food purchases through its management tools. According to their website, LeanPath claims that their technology can help customers to reduce their food waste by up to 80% and save 2%-4% or more on their annual food purchases.

Andrew takes us through the process of how the technology actually works as well as the different possibilities of how colleges and universities can reduce their pre-consumer food waste and save money.

LeanPath university customers include among other Michigan Tech, the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University of North Dakota. Over time the company has become what you could call green.

If you’re looking for solutions on how to reduce food waste and lower the cost for your university or you’re generally interested in the topic you should check out the various resources such as stats on food waste, the regular webinars and other free resources i.e. the savings calculator on the LeanPath website.

It was quite a fascinating and educational talk about a topic we don’t usually think and hear about that much.

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  • Food manager Dart

    I saw an article on NPR that Mario Batali used Lean path system in his kitchens and it didn’t work out because the data was over inflated measuring things like onion skins and non edible foods anyways. look into this