Today's Campus - Brian Whitmer Instructure Canvas

Today’s Campus Innovation Interview #4 – Brian Whitmer of Instructure Canvas

Brian Whitmer Instructure CanvasIn this episode of the Today’s Campus Innovation Interview Series, I talk with Brian Whitmer, co-founder and CPO of Instructure.

Instructure was founded in 2008 by Brian and Devlin Daley out of frustration with other Learning Management Systems and has a clear focus on usability and efficiency.

Now the team launched the Instructure Canvas Network, a product based on the Canvas LMS that enables schools, colleges and universities to setup and manage their own MOOCs. Other than MOOC platforms like Udacity or Coursera Canvas Network allows institutions to define the structure of their courses and the approach to teaching that makes the most sense to them like a smaller online course format with more interaction.

Brian and I also talk about the challenges and the potential impact on the job market and society when more and more people will be able to receive quality credentials and degrees at a lower cost.

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