TinkerBots creates Robotic Building Sets for the Entire Family

Robots for children are a growing market. Our science expert Alicia Chang works with US-based Play-i which creates robots that fuse play with programming for preschoolers. And there is MOSS by Modular Robotics which targets a more grown up audience. Both startups have successfully raised money for prototypes or products via crowdfunding campaigns.

Now Berlin-based TinkerBots follows in their footsteps with a robotic building set that wants to appeal to both children and adults, hence the entire family.

You probably know a toy marker that managed to bridge this gap before, Lego, and TinkerBots heads in the same direction. With 39 days left to go in the Indiegogo campaign, TinkerBot has managed to raise more than $130.000 so far. This is a plus of more than 25% to the initial goal of the campaign which had aimed for $100.000.

TinkerBot’s robotic building set consists of different modules, the centerpiece being the so called Power Brain. It is equipped with a battery, speaker, Gyro and ACC sensor, an Arduino microcontroller and other goodness. With the help of an USB port it can be connected to a computer and programmed but it also features a recording mode through which children can record the desired movement of the created robot and then play it back.

Other pieces include a motor, an IR sensor, a light sensor, a grabber, a twister and a pivot module along with a variety of differently shaped cubes to create the robots.TinkerBots is also compatible to the mentioned Lego sets as it comes with an adapter which can be used to extend the TinkerBot with classic Lego bricks or parts from Lego Mindstorms or Lego Technics.

Because of its modularity and different ways to program the robots, TinkerBots appeals to children from five years to adults as the app lets the creator control more complex robots and future modules seem to include propellers which let you build drones as you can see in the video.

During the Indiegogo campaign sets start at $159 for the Basic Wheeler Set and go up to $499 for the Sensoric Mega Set.


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