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Thomas Whitby of The Educator’s PLN & #edchat

Pursuing my aim of bringing together the various groups in online education I invited Thomas Whitby for a talk on EDUKWEST as he stands for the integration of technology in the classic education space.

I have been connected with Tom for about two years now and I am following his way on Twitter and his Educator’s PLN. I am convinced that it can only be benificial for the whole industry when we start discussing with one another, sometimes controversial and not having the same opinion but always in a respectful way as we all want to change education as it shows today.

Both, Thomas and I think it cannot be healthy to only repeat established opinions and wear down the stones but to get a bigger picture it is inevitable for an educator whatever his / her background may be to connect and learn and engage with the others. Thanks to internet, Social Media and initiatives like the weekly #edchat on Twitter this has become far easier and therefore we see things happen today that seemed impossible three years ago.


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Thomas on Twitter: @tomwhitby
Thomas’ personal blog:

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