Boogie Board Rip

The Boogie Board Rip that Saves – No More Flipping through Endless Pages of Notes

Boogie Board Rip

No more searching through your desk for piles of cluttered papers or sketch drawings or even flipping through endless pages of notes. This highly, talked about tablet is something that anybody will love especially students, business professionals, artists and designers.

On October 3, 2011, Improv Electronics introduced its latest e-writer tablet. Boogie Board Rip™ LCD Writing Tablet adds the ability to save notes and sketches, and then port them across to your computer as PDFs. It is the newest model to join the company’s growing family of paperless Boogie Board® eWriters.

Improv Electronics introduced Boogie Board eWriters in January 2010 with the Boogie Board 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet as a paperless replacement for memo pads, sticky notes, scratch pads and other writing and drawing mediums. It received high global demand quickly. Since then, different colors of the tablet became available and in June 2011, several additional Boogie Board tablet models with different LCD sizes and accessories were launched.

With this new Boogie Board Rip, users can experience the paper-like writing experience by recording written notes or images and save them as pdf files. Afterwards, upload the files to a computer for editing, sharing, organizing or simply for archiving. The ability to save notes and sketching make it an ideal paperless replacement for paper notebooks, note pads as well as sketch books.

Some of special features for Boogie Boar Rip includes:

  • Internal memory for 200 typical images
  • High resolution, vector .pdf file format
  • Micro USB port
  • lightweight design, thin but durable
  • Integrated stylus holder; includes stylus
  • Erase lock button
  • Rechargeable batteries with one week between charges under average use

Just like the other Boogie Board eWriters, the Boogie Board Rip tablet does not require any power to create or keep an image. The only time power is required is for erasing, saving or uploading stored files to a computer.

The tablet’s simplicity and diverse functionality have been praised by major media outlets. Since its introduction, the Boogie Board Rip tablet has generated the highest volume of visits to the Improv Electronics Web site and created a global buzz.

The Highly Anticipated Boogie Board Rap is available for preorder for customers in the United States and Canada through for $130 USD. Customers in Europe can preorder in the coming week. Free ground shipping for all preorders within the continental United States and Europe.

Via: Engadget

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