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Five Technology Trends and their Impact on Education

Since 2009 EDUKWEST has been covering education technology startups from across the globe. On the consumer side the main driver for innovation in the field of online learning in the past few years has clearly been the rise of smartphones, tablets and high speed internet connections.And on the business end it has been the rise of cloud based applications and the sinking cost of web hosting.

Yet, aside from smartphones, we haven’t seen innovation driven by cutting edge technology. But that will change in the near future. The next wave of consumer-ready technology is poised for the mainstream, delivering exciting new platforms and possibilities to education developers and learners alike.

To give you an overview about these game-changing new technologies, what they are, their significance, as well as their potential impact on different areas in education, we will be publishing a five part series every Thursday over the coming weeks.

Part 1 – Augmented Reality
Part 2 – Virtual Reality
Part 3 – Internet of Things
Part 4 – Wearables
Part 5 – 3D Printing

Each of these captivating technologies is in its infancy but has already made first appearances in the mainstream. With production cost eventually coming down, those gadgets will become part of our daily lives, from our living rooms to our workplaces and classrooms.

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