Team EDUKWEST welcomes Anne Hwang and Alicia Chang as new Members

Today, I would like to introduce you, our readers and supporters, to our two new members of Team EDUKWEST.

Anne Hwang

Anne Hwang joined us as a writer. She is a professional ESL/EFL teacher based in California, US. She has a vast expertise in the field of teaching English to non-native speakers both online and offline.

I first got to know Anne from both our days over at Myngle, the Myngle forum in particular, which allowed me to learn more about how she sees online education for herself as a personal brand and how to establish that brand on the Internet.

She has also not been shy about telling her opinion on some of the more controversial topics we had back then and probably even more importantly standing by her point of view. Those of you who know me better or in person will know that these are qualities I admire and that inevitable for me when doing business.

Anne is both active in EDUKWEST’s news section and profiling companies. Her latest articles are:


Alicia Chang EDUKWEST
Alicia Chang

Alicia Chang joins EDUKWEST as contributor. In her day-job she is the Director of Science and Learning at Airy Labs that focus on developing educational games for young learners on mobile devices.

Being a cognitive and developmental psychologist she’ll be concentrating on new developments in her field as well as scientific research in the field of learning and present the outcomes to our audience.

Alicia had originally seen a tweet of mine that we were looking for new writers and spontaneously contacted. After a longer talk on Skype we both found that our profiles and objectives matched and I’m very happy to have her on board. I think, due to her scientific background and passion for education she is a great addition to the team and will be able to use her skills to cover new and exciting topics for EDUKWEST.

Her first article got published today:

All of you who have been either listening to the EDUKWEST interviews reading the articles over the past two years got more or less only my own perspective on the future of education so far. Therefore, I’m sure that you’re going to enjoy this new diversification around topics but also opinions which I believe, EDUKWEST will only be benefiting from in the future.

If you want to show EDUKWEST some support, a donation will help us a lot on our way (and it also comes along with advertising opportunities on the website if you’re a personal brand or a company). Of course, all likes, shares or RT help our visibility as well and are welcome!

Lastly, everybody who is a somewhat experienced writer (which means you have at least maintained a blog for some time) or published author in education and would like to contribute to EDUKWEST, let’s get in touch and have a talk!

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at