Teagueduino is the LEGO of the Future: Learn to Make


Teagueduino is a great example of an entertaining way to teach and learn 21st century skills like coding and embedded development. You learn by building light-enabled alarm clocks and other fun projects even if up to now you cannot program a VCR.

Teagueduino board

The Teagueduino set consists of a variety of building blocks. The center piece is the open source electronic board in which you can plug in different modules like a speaker, lights, propeller and much more. The user interface then lets you bring your project to live with a single line of code in real time.

If you pledge $160 you will receive a full Teagueduino kit containing:

Each board has 5 inputs and 5 outputs, and a full kit comes with a variety of each (knobs, buttons, speakers, lights, servos, and more). These can be easily combined in countless ways and programmed using the Teagueduino software and then shared with the community to use and build on.

  • 1 Teagueduino main board with Teensy++ loaded and ready to go.
  • Inputs wired and ready to use (2 buttons, 2 potentiometers/knobs, 1 switch, 1 magnetic field sensor, 1 light sensor, 1 temperature sensor)
  • Outputs wired and ready to use (2 piezo speakers, 1 red LED, 1 green LED, 1 blue LED, 1 Vibration motor)
  • Servo bundle (2 servos, 1 servo power-up board, 1 5V DC power supply)

To get a better idea of what you will be able to create with Teagueduino, watch the video below.

And if you would like to pledge, visit Teagueduino on Kickstarter.

Kay Alexander is the co-founder and creative director of EDUKWEST. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook or Google+