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Revision Assistant Review EDUKWEST

Revision Assistant Review

Sponsored by Turnitin

Summary: Revision Assistant is a writing curriculum supplement tool that assists learners in their writing process through feedback and actionable comments. All writing prompts are based on hundreds of expertly scored student essays, based on feedback from teachers in classrooms and aligned to state and common core standards.

Revision Assistant helps teachers to better understand the writing process of their students and helps them to make well-informed decisions based on the effort put into each revision. It gives them an overview about each step the student takes during the writing process and lets teachers offer quick and targeted support at each step.

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Quill Empirical

HEDLINE: Non-Profit Empirical receives $200k Gates Foundation Grant

Empirical, a non-profit with the mission to make students active players in their education, received a $200k grant from the Gates Foundation to further develop Quill, a platform for interactive writing activities aligned with Common Core.

The grant will be used to transform Quill into a comprehensive writing tool.

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