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Cambly merges two Edtech Trends: Instant Video Lessons and Mobile

Apparently the choice of making tutoring the subject of our first EDUKWEST Live event last week was a very good one. Having been somewhat forgotten over the past couple of years it now makes an impressive comeback in the edtech news cycle.

To give you just one prominent example that was covered by even general tech blogs: Wyzant which raised $21.5 million late last year now acquired the remains of Tutorspree. But I’ll get into that story later this week.

Today I want to focus on Cambly, a new platform that connects English and Spanish learners through video chat. Sure, this sounds very familiar as startups like Colingo and Verbling are essentially fishing in the same pond.

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Recap: EDUKWEST Live in London – The Booming Tutoring Market

On Wednesday, Jan 23rd our first EDUKWEST Live event of 2014 took place in London and based on all the positive comments and feedback I have received since I know that we are on a good way to serve our audience of education entrepreneurs and industry professionals also in the event space.

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Gallery: EDUKWEST Live in London

On Wednesday, Jan 23rd our first EDUKWEST live event of 2014 took place London and based on all the positive comments and feedback I have received since I know that we are on a good way to serve our audience of education entrepreneurs and industry professionals also in the event space.

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Acadam – Meeting Place for Local Tutors and Students in the U.S and Canada


For the past years, we’ve seen the emergence of many online platforms from around the world such as Asia and Europe; all appearing to grab a piece of the pie from this E-learning market. Every online learning platform start-ups try to attract online teachers and students to teach or learn foreign languages on their platform by distinguishing themselves from their competitors in the service offered as well as platform features and fees.

Benoit Archambault, CEO of Acdam used a similar concept, but gave it a twist to put local tutors and students in touch, yet providing the flexibility to allow tutors to learners worldwide to connect through Acadam’s virtual classroom.

Tutors and Students interaction

Acadam Teachers
Teacher Search on Acadam

With Acadam, students can create tutor requests explaining the areas they need help in, getting immediate replies from tutors in their e-mail. Parents and students alike can browse the Tutor Directory to find the tutor that they feel best suits their needs. With this kind of open communication, new tutors won’t find themselves having a well-written profile and terrific courses, but sitting in the dark with no students.

Tutors will also be given feedbacks from students for their tutoring services. All students will be able to post comments and evaluate the quality of the services received on the tutors’ profile. As these comments will be visible to other students, this is how tutors can build their credibility and attract more potential students to use their service.

Tutoring topics and subjects

As tutors, you may offer tutoring services in any subjects that you specialize in on Acadam. The array of subjects and topics offered on the site includes languages, music, test preparation courses, academic subjects and more.


The beauty of Acadam is that it is absolutely free for tutors to sign up and promote their tutoring services, but most of all, Acadam does not take any commission on tutors’ salary. Yes, that’s right! Unlike many of the online platforms that take commission for providing online tutors with conveniences, tutors keep all the money earned. Acadam does offer at an additional paid services that help tutors find more students if needed.

Acadam features available to Tutors

Tutors are their own boss. They can create their personalized profile with a photo, choose your hourly rate, schedule and subjects. Tutors are pinpointed on Google Maps with their range of travel, making it easier than ever for students to find a tutor near them.

Tutors can be sure that they receive payment securely by linking their Paypal account to their Acadam profile. All they have to do is create an invoice through Acdam and send it to students. This gives a great control to tutors on managing their payments.

If your are a tutor looking to join a local tutoring company in your area, this would be the place to look. Acadam is also a listing site for tutoring companies who wish to create a profile and make themselves visible to potential clients.

Acadam not only provides tutors a way to connect to students worldwide, but also locally which makes it a preferred meeting place for both tutors and students.

Logo Acadam


Website: acadam.com
Twitter: @acadam_com