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Etsy IPO will fuel interest in online courses

Why Etsy’s Successful IPO will Fuel Interest in Online Courses

Etsy, a global marketplace for handcrafted goods, had its IPO last week. On the first day of trading the company closed with a solid plus of 86%.

While I won’t get into a detailed analysis of Etsy’s business model in this article, or whether I think the company to be worth $3 billion, I will say that it is reassuring indeed to see a company that isn’t selling a digital, social service or app but handcrafted physical products, has achieved to gain traction among a global user base.

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Udemy Online Course Millionaires

HEDLINE: Udemy’s Online Course Millionaires

21 months have gone by since our last report on how much top course creators on the online learning platform can make. That definitely qualifies for an update as Udemy shared new data on its course creator earnings.

At the time of our first post, Udemy’s Top 10 course creators had earned a combined $5 million with the top person having made $450k over the course of two years.

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