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Coursera Monthly Subscriptions EDUKWEST

Coursera Monthly Subscriptions Channel Lynda and Pluralsight

Summary: Coursera’s introduction of a monthly subscription model for parts of its MOOC platform is not a Netflix like revolution of higher education but a mere adoption of the very successful revenue model used by e-learning platforms such as lynda.com or Pluralsight.

Of course, adding a matching and accepted payment scheme to a growing choice of tech focused Specializations courses is a logic step to take if you want your slice of this fast growing and very lucrative market segment. But it also navigates Coursera on a collision course with the aforementioned established players and the deep pockets of LinkedIn..

Oh, and what about disrupting higher education by making it accessible to everyone? iversity, Germany’s MOOC platform that was recently saved from bankruptcy, might have the answer to that question.

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EdTech Trends on-demand tutoring EDUKWEST

EdTech Trends: On-Demand Tutoring

Self-paced learning platforms, ranging from tech skills and lifelong learning portals to MOOCs in higher education, have been largely relying on pre-recorded content and asynchronous interaction in forums. This approach, while certainly cost effective, has also been identified as its major drawback as it only too often leads to demotivated, disconnected learners and high dropout rates due to the lack of direct human interaction.

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Pluralsight HackHands acquisition EDBRIEF 07 2015 EDUKWEST

EDBRIEF: Pluralsight acquired Live Mentoring Platform HackHands

Marking the seventh deal in less than two years, tech education platform Pluralsight announced the acquisition of on-demand live mentoring platform HackHands for an undisclosed amount.

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Code School

HEDLINE: Pluralsight acquires Code School for $36 million

Pluralsight, an online training platform for professionals in the tech sector, has acquired learn-to-code platform Code School for $32 million. Through the acquisition Pluralsight extends its library to beginner level courses.

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Pluralsight Smarterer acquisition

HEDLINE: Pluralsight acquires Skill Test Platform Smarterer for $75 million

Pluralsight, an online training platform for professionals in the tech sector, has acquired skill test platform Smarterer for $75 million. Smarterer raised $4.6 million in four rounds from various angel investors, True Ventures, Rethink Education, Google Ventures and Boston Seed Capital. The Smarterer team will remain in Boston.

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