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Openwords EdTech Startup Profile EDUKWEST

Openwords – EdTech Startup Profile

Name: Openwords
Website: www.openwords.com
Headquarters: Bloomington, USA
Vertical: Language Learning
Tech: Web App, Mobile App

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Quill Empirical

HEDLINE: Non-Profit Empirical receives $200k Gates Foundation Grant

Empirical, a non-profit with the mission to make students active players in their education, received a $200k grant from the Gates Foundation to further develop Quill, a platform for interactive writing activities aligned with Common Core.

The grant will be used to transform Quill into a comprehensive writing tool.

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Year of Open Source

edugogo Episode #2 with Sam Muirhead of Year of Open Source

Year of Open Source

What would your life look like if you were trying to avoid products and services that come from a faceless brand and instead use open source alternatives? Would you still be able to live a somewhat normal life and is this possible at all? Well, Sam Muirhead will find out for all of us.

Sam is a film maker from New Zealand and he is currently based in Berlin. He is planning to live an open source lifestyle for one entire year and he is going to document his journey for the rest of us. His documentary is called Year of Open Source Now, Berlin is somewhat a perfect place for such an experiment as there are not many places that foster such a creative scene that can support someone who is trying to be as open source as possible.

As Sam explains in our interview, Berlin is a hotbed for the German open source community from 3D printing to free barter system based education to a political party that got 10% of the votes in the last elections.

While Sam knows that he won’t be able to replace everything in his life with an open source alternative, the choices are quite big actually. You would be amazed what people share on the Internet already now and also what parts of everyday technology and software are based on the open source concept. This blog for example is powered by WordPress which is open source and all of our digital art is created with Paint.net, another open source software.

ForThis video project and essentially education project, as we will all learn about the different options, Sam is considering and trying along the way. Sam is raising $20.000 on Indiegogo until Wednesday August 8th and you can help him meet his goal. The money will be used for equipment, team and expenses that will allow him to focus 100% on creating this exciting documentary.

If you would like to support Sam, perks start at $1. Just visit indiegogo.com/yearofopensource – and even if you cannot chip in money, every share of the project might help Sam to raise the money. You can follow the documentation on the website yearofopensource.net or on Facebook at facebook.com/yearofopensource.

Note Taking Learning Resources

Notes and Learning Resources: Why We Cannot (And Should Not) Stop Student Sharing

Editor’s Note: This article has first been been published on edcetera – straight talk on edtech.

In today’s post, I would like to discuss some aspects of note-sharing. Of course, there are different groups involved here, and everybody has their own take on the matter.

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C12 Audio Podcast

C12 Episode 2 Homework, Homework, Homework (Audio)

C12 Audio Podcast

C12 Episode #2

“Homework, Homework, Homework”

  • recorded: March 30th 2012
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