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HEDLINE: edX and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announce MOOC platform

edX announced a new partnership with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Based on the Open edX platform the Ministry of Labor will launch a MOOC portal with the aim to bridge the gap between education and employment in the Kingdom as well as the Arab world.

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MOOC Movement

The MOOC Movement is Healthy and Growing


With the recent developments in the MOOC vertical one might wonder if edX is essentially the last MOOC standing. As many pointed out over the past months, the O in MOOC standing for “Open” has become increasingly meaningless.

Besides adding more and more paid features to the platforms, MOOC students from certain countries got banned from participating in the courses as their home countries are under US trade sanctions. And while edX is also looking for ways to monetize the platform and reach a state of self-sustainability, one major difference remains: it is a non-profit.

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HEDLINE: Queen Rania of Jordan launches Arabic MOOC platform Edraak based on Open edX

Today Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan officially launched Edraak, the first non-profit MOOC platform for the Arab speaking world. Edraak is powered by Open edX.

The project was announced by edX and the Queen Rania Foundation in November 2013.

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MOOC Solutions

Overview: LMS and MOOC Solutions for Small Institutions and Individuals

Editor’s Note: This article has first been published on edcetera – straight talk on edtech.

Today’s article goes back to the origins of my career in blogging. When somebody asks me how I got started I usually tell him or her that it was really quite accidental. Based on having a successful tutoring business online I soon got so many questions from fellow tutors and online educators about how to establish their own online presence that it really made more sense to put my thoughts and advice out there in form of a blog than to answer each question in an individual email.

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