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Language & Business Forum 2013

Gallery: Online Educa Berlin 2013

EdTech Drinks Online Educa 2013

EdTech Drinks – Berlin December 5th 2013

If you happen to be in Berlin during the first week of December and you’re part of or interested in the local as well as global edtech startup scene, I would like to invite you to our inaugural EDUKWEST EdTech Drinks meetup around Online Educa 2013.

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Katja Martin Lynda.com at Online Educa Berlin 2012

EDUKWEST@OEB Interview with Katja Martin of Lynda.com

Katja Martin Lynda.com Online Educa Berlin 2012This is Kirsten, again from Online Educa Berlin.

Now I am here at the booth of Lynda with Katja Martin and she is going to give us a quick pitch of what Lynda is doing and what is new and innovative.

Hello everybody, I am Katja and I work for Lynda.com. We are a online library and we are passionate about learning and getting everybody to learn. With the power of the Internet you have basically over 1.500 courses  at your fingertips.

We are subscription based service and we believe the quality and the best kind of industry experts that we find for our videos make our content engaging and really exciting to encourage people to do their utmost best at their jobs and maybe even find new things that their are getting excited and interested in.

You are one of the relatively few startups here at the conference.

We are not really a startup. Lynda herself is a teacher. She wrote a book on HTML web design. It was so popular that she just started a school out of that with VHS and DVDs. Five years ago we started to fill up our library with all that content. So it’s kind of a evolution with a lot of interest. If you want to find out more, please go to our website Lynda.com and you can see Lynda’s story, where she really fantastically describes her passion about learning.

If Lynda herself is or was a teacher who is then the typical Lynda.com user. Is it everybody interested in learning, education in a very broad sense or is it universities?

We work with pretty much anybody that wants to learn. We work with many universities, campus wide or many organizations and also individual subscribers who need to keep on top of their game. Pretty much anybody who wants to continue that journey of learning. When you want to become better at something it might lead to something else. So you don’t want to restrict yourself to just one subject so it’s interesting to see what else is out there in our fast moving society.

Online Educa Berlin 2012 Implementing ICT in Africa

EDUKWEST@OEB Implementing ICT in Africa

This is Kirsten, again from the Online Educa Berlin 2012.

I was just attending a session about implementing ICT in Africa which was pretty interesting, indeed. I was able to follow experts from different African countries, namely Mauritius, Namibia and Kenya from the African Development Bank.

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Online Educa 2012 Opening Plenary

EDUKWEST@OEB 2012 Take-Aways from the Opening Plenary

Online Educa 2012 Opening Plenary

This is Kirsten from Online Educa Berlin 2012.

I just attended the first panel at Online Educa this year. To give you a little bit of input of what Dr Mark David Milliron of WGU as well as Sir Michael Barber of Pearson UK just talked about:

For Western Govenors University the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement is very big, particularly for the lower income students, as well as gamification. His take is that play is serious and that we shall put even more attention to gamification and input from other areas of learning.

Sir Michael Barber was actually also very interesting as he spoke about the challenges for the classic university, new world and the devaluation of degrees. And he says that responsibility is key. So that every student has to take responsibility for his / her own learning. Which can mean that it’s not only the classic degrees anymore but your LinkedIn profile or other ways to show expertise like we are already seeing in the Silicon Valley today.