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Teachlr EdTech Startup Profile EDUKWEST

Teachlr – EdTech Startup Profile

Name: Teachlr
Website: www.teachlr.com
Headquarters: Caracas, Venezuela
Vertical: Lifelong Learning
Tech: Web App, Mobile App

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Coursmos EDUKWEST Startup Profile

Startup Profile: Coursmos

The Internet increasingly establishes the need for instant gratification. Information that used to take time to source and process is now available 24/7 and this basically anywhere we have connectivity. This new mindset also affects how we want to learn new skills like languages, coding, cooking, you name it.

Startups like Coursmos tackle this need by drastically reducing the time to learn new things by boiling content down to its essentials and presenting it in bite-sized learning units.

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Skill Up India EDBRIEF

EDBRIEF: Code for India launches Skill Up India, a free Online Education Portal

Non-profit Code for India launches a free, open source education portal with high-quality educational content in different areas, including business, technology and job skills training.

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Learnyst Startup Profile EDUKWEST

Startup Profile: Learnyst

Trainers, coaches and tutors across the globe are increasingly interested in expanding their local audience by creating and selling online courses. Marketplaces like Udemy offer the advantage of a global audience of potential customers, but can also be quite competitive and costly when it comes to commission.

Bangalore-based Learnyst offers educators all the tools they need to set up a storefront to sell their online courses, assess and manage their students, host their content and receive payments.

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versal wolfram research

EDBRIEF: Versal leaves Beta – partners with Wolfram Research

Versal, a platform for publishing online courses, announced that it ended its beta testing phase. Along with the announcement comes a partnership with Wolfram Research, with its founder, Stephen Wolfram, joining Versal’s board of directors.

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