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EdTech Trends School Bus

EdTech Trends: School Bus Tracking and Management Apps

It is a thin line being a protective parent and becoming overly involved in your child’s life.

For some time now educators have been dealing with those so called helicopter parents who pay extremely close attention to their children’s experiences and problems. What originally started at often high-priced higher education institutions and earned some parents from the baby-boomer generation notoriety has since turned into a phenomenon and is widely spread over the entire schooling of a child starting from pre-kindergarten, K-12 well into college.

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EdTech Startups Asia

EdTech Startups Asia & India: easyuni, MyBusMate, SchoolofTutors and Mettl

Time for a new roundup of some interesting edtech startups out of Asia and India that caught our eye.

Today we got easyuni out of Malaysia, MyBusMate and SchoolofTutors out of Singapore as well as Mettl from India.

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