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Blackboard Nivel Siete EDBRIEF 08 2015 EDUKWEST

EDBRIEF: Blackboard acquires Moodle Provider Nivel Siete

Keeping its pace of edtech acquisitions, Blackboard announced that the company has acquired Nivel Siete, a Moodle provider based in Colombia. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Founded in 2002, Nivel Siete has over 200 customers reaching over 400.000 learners in Latin America. The company will continue to operate under the Nivel Siete brand.

Interestingly, as EDUKWEST reported in July, Blackboard itself might be up for sale for up to $3 billion.

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MoodleCloud EDTECH 07 2015 EDUKWEST

EDTECH: Moodle now offers free hosting with MoodleCloud

To better serve small organizations and individuals that can’t (don’t want to) pay for a hosted solution by one of its partners, Moodle now offers a free hosted solution called MoodleCloud.

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HEDLINE: The Maker of Eliademy CBTec raises Seed Round


CBTec, the Finnish startup behind the LMS / MOOC platform Eliademy raised seed funding from Inventure. Though the amount has not been disclosed, TechCrunch estimates the round at €200.000.

Eliademy is also planning to raise a €4 million Series A by December 2014.

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MOOC Solutions

Overview: LMS and MOOC Solutions for Small Institutions and Individuals

Editor’s Note: This article has first been published on edcetera – straight talk on edtech.

Today’s article goes back to the origins of my career in blogging. When somebody asks me how I got started I usually tell him or her that it was really quite accidental. Based on having a successful tutoring business online I soon got so many questions from fellow tutors and online educators about how to establish their own online presence that it really made more sense to put my thoughts and advice out there in form of a blog than to answer each question in an individual email.

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review:ed Audio Podcast

review:ed #22 Blackboard buys some Open Source and the French Homework Revolution (Audio)

review:ed Audio Podcast

review:ed Episode #22

“Blackboard buys some Open Source and the French Homework Revolution”

  • recorded: March 30th 2012
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Show Notes

[01:55] Interview with Richard Byrne of FreeTech4Teachers.com about Moodleroom acquisition by Blackboard
Source: EDUKWEST | Blackboard | TechCrunch | ZDNet

[02:40] Startup incubator for Highschool students launched
Source: GeekWire

[05:37] Student developers build Microsoft Phone ecosystem
Source: The Verge

[13:45] Chris talks about his iPad experience so far

[16:54] How does the Khan Academy iPad app perform

[19:03] 2tor and UNC Chapel Hill launch online graduate program
Source: 2tor

[23:40] Announcement: Christopher Dawson now Senior Editor of EDUKWEST

[25:07] Thank you to our sponsor AcademicPub

[28:00] SparkLab: the educational build-mobile
Source: Kickstarter

[33:43] The French Homework Boykott
Source: The Guardian

[40:46] CK-12 beta program launched
Source: CK-12