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op-ed online learning in india EDUKWEST

Online Learning In India – A Note

There is a lot of activity around the Online Learning, MOOC, Hybrid Learning space in India. A number of leading universities have started their own MOOC’s (IITBX, IIMB) and are offering open access to their content to students.

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edX Disabilities Lawsuit

EDBRIEF: edX settles Disabilities Lawsuit with U.S. Department of Justice

The U.S. Department of Justice and MOOC platform edX announced the settlement over allegations that the courses hosted on edX were not accessible to students with disabilities.

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College Disruption

College Disruption Won’t Come from MOOCs (But it Does Need to Happen)

Every day I drive my daughter to high school. As we get closer to the parking lot, I have to be mindful of all of the teenagers wandering in and out of the road like dazed cattle. I also have to brave a four-way stop sign, where I am often the only adult at the wheel of any of the four cars waiting their turn.

That stop sign is an every man for himself, Lord of the Flies experience on wheels. I drive a Smart Car, and there have been times where I was glad to make it out alive.

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Big Data Education

Big Data is Finally Coming to Education Here’s What We’ve Learned So Far

Big data has been the story of the past year. Nearly every industry sector has been hit by the urge to quantify, measure, and analyze, and they are using that information to improve their products and services, which in turn is improving our lives on both the micro and macro scales. (Can you even remember what shopping was like before personalized product recommendations?)

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Coursmos EDUKWEST Startup Profile

Startup Profile: Coursmos

The Internet increasingly establishes the need for instant gratification. Information that used to take time to source and process is now available 24/7 and this basically anywhere we have connectivity. This new mindset also affects how we want to learn new skills like languages, coding, cooking, you name it.

Startups like Coursmos tackle this need by drastically reducing the time to learn new things by boiling content down to its essentials and presenting it in bite-sized learning units.

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