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Lessonface EdTech Startup Profile EDUKWEST

Lessonface – EdTech Startup Profile

Name: Lessonface
Website: www.lessonface.com
Headquarters: New York City, USA
Vertical: K-12, Lifelong Learning
Tech: Web App

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Startup Profile: ClassDo

Since the advent of VoIP, countless edtech startups have tried to leverage the technology to build learning platforms that connect learners and teachers from across the world. Most of these early startups are long gone but thanks to faster Internet connections, better hardware, new protocols like WebRTC and video calls entering the mainstream, live video lessons have seen a renaissance.

ClassDo is one of those new startups aiming to build a global marketplace for lessons of all kind. Based in Tokyo but with an international team, ClassDo has attracted users from all continents mainly through word of mouth.

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review:ed Episode #5 with Shiv Rajendran of LanguageLab

Shiv Rajendran Languagelab.com
Shiv Rajendran

Shiv Rajendran, Founder and Director at LanguageLab.com joined me for the fifth episode of review:ed.

We had the following topics on our list:

  1. Pearson sponsoring educational Ning networks
  2. Babbel and Livemocha
  3. India introduces the $35 USD laptop / tablet
  4. eduFire now part of Camelback Education
  5. Live Lessons, FNACs, asynchronous Content and Gaming in Education

Audio only:

Additional Links:

Homepage: http://www.languagelab.com
Shiv Rajendran’s Blog: http://shiv.me
LanguageLab on Twitter: @LanguageLab
Shiv on Twitter: @shiv53