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crowdsourcing in education

Crowdsourcing in Education – How to make it work

Way back in the days, in August 2009 to be precise, I hosted a webinar series called the E-Teachers Conference. Around that time crowdsourcing became quite a popular topic among education startup people, especially in the language learning space. The reasoning behind that trend essentially was: if Wikipedia can do it, so can we.

Most notably Livemocha, which used to be the leader of the pack at that time, crowdsourced nearly all of its freely accessible language courses from its global community. While this enabled Livemocha to add new language options at a rapid pace, it also showed the flaws of such an approach: the localizations were mediocre at best.

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On the Ed - Alpha

On the Ed – Alpha – 004 Free SAT Prep, Community Marketplaces, Robots and more

Yesterday we live-streamed our fourth episode of On the Ed, and although we are still in Alpha this work in progress slowly takes shape. It definitely shows that it adds new and interesting layers to the discussion when I do an episode with at least two guests. So regularly having three or more people in the Hangout is one of the objectives for the weeks to come.

This week my guests are Alicia Chang, content lead at San Francisco robotics company Play-i, Matthew Burr, co-founder of NYC startup Nomadic Learning, Shiv Rajendran of London-based Affectively who came on for his third time in a row, and Bhavin Parikh of test prep startup Magoosh who joins us exclusively to share his thoughts on the Khan Academy and College Board partnership.

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Khan Academy SAT

HEDLINE: The College Board partners with Khan Academy to offer free SAT Prep


Along with the announcement of the new SAT that will be implemented in 2016 by the College Board comes a partnership with Khan Academy to provide free, top quality SAT preparation for everyone.

The new SAT aims to offer greater access opportunities by making the test more relevant and get more students from low-income families to take the SAT.

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EDUKWEST Sunday Review

Sunday Review for the Week of February 24th 2014

In this week’s Sunday Review we find out that professors were surprised to learn they don’t own the content they create for online courses, the Hour of Code is not a PR stunt, a Colorado company is programming your next professor, edtech startups with boring business models tend to be successful and more.

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Khan Academy Comcast Partnership

Khan Academy and Comcast Partnership – MOOCs will follow suit

Editor’s Note: This post has first been published on edCetera – straight talk on edtech.

On Monday Comcast announced a partnership with Khan Academy to promote affordable Internet access and free access to quality education to low income families throughout the United States.

Inside the urban tech bubbles people often forget that the devices and high speed Internet access they enjoy are not a commodity for everyone out there. If you remember, part of the reason why Udacity and San Jose State University put their pilot on hold earlier this year was based on the “revelation” that many students could not take part in the MOOCs due to insufficient access to computers and high speed Internet which is essential to stream the video lectures.

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