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verified certificate anachronism

Verified Certificates – MOOC’s Money Maker or Anachronism?

How can you generate revenue when you don’t charge at the entrance? Charge people when they want to go out. This seems to be the business model that MOOC providers are headed for if you take a look at the recent developments.

Though many purists claim that the “O” in MOOC which stands for open has progressively become meaningless, people can still take part in the vast majority of MOOCs, if they happen to be in countries that are not under US trade sanctions, of course. And this is a huge shift away from the classic academic model that tends to create the first barrier of entrance right at the start. On the one hand, students either need to have the required grades and qualifications, and parents, on the other hand, need to have sufficient income to pay for their kids’ tuition. I won’t go into the whole student loan crisis here, a very lucrative market for startups, by the way.

Taking a MOOC (almost) anyone from (almost) anywhere in the world who has a (sufficient) Internet connection can learn from the best professors of the most renown universities. And this is a problem as with no artificial limitation of access the number of highly educated individuals goes up which means the perceived value of a degree goes down. If everyone in your family holds an MBA or PhD it is hard to brag about it.

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On the Ed - Alpha

On the Ed – Alpha – 008 – inBloom and New York – Can’t make it there, can’t make it anywhere

This Friday Kirsten and Chris welcomed Katrina Stevens on the show. Katrina is an educator with of 20 years of experience as a teacher and administrator. She has worked in the district offices of Baltimore County Public Schools and is also a consultant and EdSurge’s summit coordinator.

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EU EdTech News

EU EdTech News: Fluentify, Lingvist, Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek and iversity

This week EDUKWEST Europe covered edtech news from Fluentify and Lingvist as well as the launch of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek and new certifications for courses offered through Germany’s MOOC platform iversity.

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Startup Europe

Startup Europe: European Commission wants to foster Web Talent through MOOCs


As part of its Startup Europe initiative, the European Commission announced the launch of a network of MOOC providers to foster regional web and app skills.

The network aims to map the demand for web-related skills across Europe and to promote the use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for capacity-building in those fields.

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On the Ed - Alpha

On the Ed – Alpha – Episode 002 Lots of Funding, MOOCs and Student Data

Another week, another On the Ed. Though we are still in alpha I think we are slowly but surely getting the hang of it. Google+ Hangouts are still a bit confusing when you invite guests as a page owner but we almost started on time.

Talking about guests, this week Chris and I were joined by my old friend Shiv Rajendran who is currently working on his new startup Affectively. We even got the scoop that he had raised funding which he announces on the show. Also, Affectively are hiring!

Talking about startups, as mentioned in last week’s episode Chris also joined a new edtech startup called TDS Social as Chief Technologist.

Congratulations again to both, and I am sure that we are going to hear more of Shiv and Chris and their respective companies in the coming months.

Naturally, we had to briefly discuss the big tech news of the week: Facebook acquiring WhatsApp for $19 billion USD, but we quickly jumped on the edtech news of the week which you can find below.

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