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Reading List EdTech Asia EDUKWEST

Reading List: EdTech Asia

Today, Asia in all its variety is likely the most interesting market for education technology.

Although it is mostly China, with its dominance and enormous potential for growth, we hear about when it comes to massive investment rounds, it is lesser covered Asian countries, like Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia, that go through rapid development and quick evolution, which now have the potential to leapfrog some of their more mature Asian neighbors.

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Indonesia Textbook Tablets

Indonesia plans to replace Textbooks with Tablets

Indonesia is expected to become the fourth largest market for mobile devices, surpassing 100 million active monthly users in 2018, according to a recent report by eMarketer.

To better serve students in remote areas of the country, to cut down cost and to overall improve the quality of education, the Ministry of Education and Culture announced that it will replace physical textbooks with tablets and ebooks in the coming years.

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EdTech Startups Asia

Overview: Five EdTech Startups out of Asian Bootcamps, Incubators & Accelerators

Here is an overview of five edtech startups that recently participated in bootcamps, incubators or accelerator programs throughout Asia.

We take a look at Smart Colleague and SquLine out of the GIST Startup Bootcamp in Jakarta, Indonesia. Codemi which pitched at the Echelon 2014 Indonesia Satellite. ATLS which participated in the Docomo Innovation Village Incubator in Japan and Chicago-based Freenters which participated in the SparkLabs Korea accelerator program.

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