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MEP 035 Burck Smith StraighterLine Meet Education Project

MEP #035 with Burck Smith, CEO & Founder of StraighterLine

On this episode of MEP, CEO & Founder of Straighterline, Burck Smith, joins me to chat about self paced learning, educational policy, and where he sees the future of education moving.  DO NOT miss this!

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Phil Hill Mindwires Consulting Meet Education Project

MEP #028 with Phil Hill from MindWires Consulting

Interested in the current and future state of colleges and universities? What about online education, and its potential impact on learning? Well you’ll love this episode with Phil Hill!  Don’t miss his insights on these issues and much more.  Enjoy!

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OP-ED Transformation in Education Jason Pfaff EDUKWEST

The Next Wave of Transformation In Education

Online education radically transformed the long held notions of time and space as it related to educational delivery.  We saw commercials highlighting a working parent attending an MBA class in their pajamas.  Schools promised compressed timeframes that allowed for a faster time to completion, and extreme flexibility was promised allowing us to fit classes into an already hectic life.  That wave is cresting and rolling back out to sea, but its legacy is that it forced everyone to re-think when and where learning could happen, and how fast a degree could be earned.  The next wave will challenge those same notions, and force us to rethink that paradigm again, but how exactly that happens could surprise you.

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StudySearch Startup Profile EDUKWEST

Startup Profile: StudySearch

Name: StudySearch
Website: www.studysearch.co
Headquarters: Lagos, Nigeria and London, UK
Vertical: Higher Education
Tech: Web App

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College Disruption

College Disruption Won’t Come from MOOCs (But it Does Need to Happen)

Every day I drive my daughter to high school. As we get closer to the parking lot, I have to be mindful of all of the teenagers wandering in and out of the road like dazed cattle. I also have to brave a four-way stop sign, where I am often the only adult at the wheel of any of the four cars waiting their turn.

That stop sign is an every man for himself, Lord of the Flies experience on wheels. I drive a Smart Car, and there have been times where I was glad to make it out alive.

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