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College Disruption

College Disruption Won’t Come from MOOCs (But it Does Need to Happen)

Every day I drive my daughter to high school. As we get closer to the parking lot, I have to be mindful of all of the teenagers wandering in and out of the road like dazed cattle. I also have to brave a four-way stop sign, where I am often the only adult at the wheel of any of the four cars waiting their turn.

That stop sign is an every man for himself, Lord of the Flies experience on wheels. I drive a Smart Car, and there have been times where I was glad to make it out alive.

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Can Higher Education keep pace

Can Higher Education Keep Pace with Constant Transformation?

You don’t know what you think you know.

Planned obsolescence is often cited as the way tech companies (Apple) can guarantee sales: after a few years, their devices and software would either break down or otherwise cease proper functioning, requiring users to pay for upgrades to shinier, faster, newer models.

Higher education has fallen into a similar model—though instead of planned, it seems to have happened by default.

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LinkedIn Add to Profile

EDBRIEF: LinkedIn extends Add to Profile to Higher Ed Institutions

In a further step to become the de facto online resume, LinkedIn announced the extension of its Add to Profile program to colleges and universities. The program initially launched last year with professional providers in the continuing and vocational education space.

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Future of Higher Education

7 Factors Impacting the Future of Higher Education

We know that radical innovation and massive disruption is under way in higher education. Everything in the sector seems extreme. Whether it is new products, regulation, the rates of closure by traditional and some proprietary schools, or the rates of growth at others like Liberty and Southern New Hampshire, each week seemingly brings a new trend and meaningful change. Nationally speaking, demand is flat while capacity is skyrocketing and with every turn we have more technology and increased costs. Everything is in flux like never before.

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Op-Ed MOOC Rockstar Lecturer

OP-ED: MOOCs and the Rockstar Lecturer

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses offered through outfits like Coursera, Udacity, and EdX) have raised the profile of online education and sparked important conversations about educational access and the meaning of academic credentials. But MOOCs have also done a disservice to online teaching in several key respects.

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