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Google LinkedIn Acquisition EDitorial EDUKWEST

Why Google (Alphabet) should Acquire LinkedIn

Though a not-so-great earnings forecast cost LinkedIn 30% of its stock value the professional network is still one of the most solid companies in the social space. It has 414 million members worldwide, and 57% of traffic now comes from mobile. And by means of its ongoing acquisition strategy LinkedIn is transforming itself from simple network into a full-blown education and career hub.

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Apple in Education

EDBRIEF: Apple to overhaul iPad in Education Program

According to an email obtained by MacRumors, Apple plans to overhaul its iPad in Education Program in order to ease the distribution process and classroom adoption of its tablets for schools and entire districts.

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EDUKWEST Sunday Review

Sunday Review for the Week of May 19th 2014

In this week’s Sunday Review: Is student debt tied to the income of university presidents? Google’s rise in the education technology market. Harvard’s Hollywood-like MOOC production. The Future of textbooks. Unizin, a potential threat to edX? The cult of college drop-outs and more.

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Google’s Acquisition of Divide could boost BYOD in Schools

Last week Google announced the acquisition of Divide, the company creates software solutions that enable companies to keep personal data separate from company data on mobile devices.

The Divide team will join Google’s Android team to work on new solutions integrated in the mobile OS. For existing customers of the company nothing will change for the time being.

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2013 Founders' Letter

Google 2013 Founders’ Letter: Risk Averse Education and Remote Classrooms

In his 2013 founders’ letter, Google’s co-founder and CEO Larry Page takes a look at the current state of the US school system and states that it isn’t capable of encouraging the next generation of “big thinkers” companies like Google want and need to hire.

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