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EdTech Startup List Germany EDUKWEST Europe

EdTech Startup List: Germany

Though one of the most important and prolific countries in the EU, often little is known of the German online education market outside of the country itself.

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Global EdTech Markets EDUKWEST Academy

Key Global EdTech Markets: US, UK, India, China and Australia

Over the last few weeks I have been sharing my thoughts on the key differentiators in this sector and the spectrum of opportunities that the Ed Tech sector brings compared to other sectors in the context of really understanding the value creation dynamics. All these views, be they good, bad, boring or controversial are of course, my personal thoughts.

In my previous posts I talked about

1. Content vs. Technology;
2. Education vs. Technology;
3. User vs. Buyer;
4. Scale vs. Specialist; and,
5. Think Big.. Think Global

And now lets consider the dynamics at play in different markets…

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Multilingualism in Europe

Florence Mele and Nicholas Niggli to present at Multilingualism in Europe

Today I am happy to announce that we have confirmed two additional speakers for our event on Multilingualism in Europe this Wednesday.

I would like to introduce Mrs Florence Mele, the Director of Studies at ESCP Europe London Campus and Mr. Nicholas Niggli, the Head of the Economic, Trade and Finance Section at the Embassy of Switzerland in the UK.

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Multilingualism in Europe

Nicolas de Santis of Gold Mercury International to keynote Multilingualism in Europe

We are delighted to announce that Nicolas de Santis will deliver his keynote at our event Multilingualism in Europe next week.

Nicolas de Santis is President & Secretary General of Gold Mercury International, the global foresight think tank and global governance award organisation founded in 1961. De Santis is a global vision strategist and internet entrepreneur, advising companies and governments on sustainably driven corporate and brand visions, business model innovation and cultural transformation.

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Programme Multilingualism in Europe

Programme: Multilingualism in Europe

When: September 17th 2014
Where: The Glasshouse Building – 2 Trematon Walk (Off Wharfdale Road) – Regent’s Quarter – N1 9SR London – United Kingdom


Admission & Welcome (2:30pm – 3pm)

  • Matthias Ick, Macmillan Digital Education

Session 1: Policy (3pm – 4:15 pm)

  • Keynote: Nicolas de Santis, BRAND EU
  • Presentation: Nicholas Niggli, Embassy of Switzerland in the UK
  • Presentation: Niss Jonas Carlsson, Brainglass
  • Panel Discussion, Q&A

Coffee Break (4:15pm 4:30pm)

Session 2: Business (4:30pm – 5:45pm)

  • Keynote: Armin Hopp, Speexx
  • Presentation: Florence Mele, ESCP Europe
  • Presentation: Prashant Raizada, EnglishUp
  • Panel Discussion, Q&A

Coffee Break (5:45pm – 6:00pm)

Session 3: Innovation (6:00pm – 7:00pm)

  • Presentation: Kirsten Winkler, EDUKWEST
  • Presentation: Mait Müntel, Lingvist
  • Open Mic / Pitch Session

Networking (7:00pm – 8:30pm)

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