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Duolingo Test Center

HEDLINE: Duolingo Test Center brings Learners a $20 Version of the TOEFL

As announced earlier this year, Duolingo has officially launched its Duolingo Test Center this week. The first test learners can take via the platform is an English test. For the moment the test is free, but will it eventually cost $20.

The test can be taken via an Android device or the Google Chrome browser and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

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Pearson Global Scale of English

Will Pearson take the English Certification Crown from ETS?

Earlier this month Pearson launched its new Global Scale of English or short GSE. According to Pearson English

“there has never been a globally recognised standard in English – no single way of recognising and quantifying the level of an individual’s English”

which is, of course, something the company aims to change with its new product.

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On the Ed - Alpha

On the Ed – Alpha – Episode 001 Coding, Exam Fraud and more

This week’s episode of On the Ed started twice as we had some trouble (as so often) with the Google Hangout on Air. But hey, that’s why we are still in alpha. So this time you don’t get one hour of edtech punditry but a more condensed version with the two Kirsten’s of edtech in Europe, as Kirsten Campbell-Howes put it.


Chris could not join us this week as he is busy with the launch of a new startup. I am sure he will share some updates on that next week. Below you find the stories Kirsten and I talked about in the show plus some extra news items we did not have the time to cover.

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