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Reading List Education Market Overview South Korea EDUKWEST

Reading List: Education Market Overview South Korea

South Korea’s education system has been the envy of many western governments. The country managed to transform itself from mass illiteracy to global economic powerhouse in less than two generations. Its students consistently rank in the top 5 for PISA test results, and the country has a 93% high school graduation rate. 82% of these graduates go on to university.

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EdTech Bubble

All Is Well in Edtech Land

Editor’s Note: This post has first been published on edcetera – straight talk on edtech.

Frank Catalano stated that we are moving towards a bubble in edtech, if we are not already in it. His post was followed up by Audrey Watters on Hack Education, Lauren Landry on BostInno, and Betsy Corcoran of EdSurge. So let me jump on the bandwagon before this bubble pops, or has it already?

All of them bring valid arguments for and against a bubble in the edtech space, from hipster attitude to mission driven entrepreneurs.

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Hispanics Buying Power will reach $1.1 Trillion in 2011 – 9.5% of US Total

According to a research from IBISWorld, the overall buying power of Hispanics in the US will reach $1.1 Trillion this year which is 9.5% of the US total.

For more than two decades the Hispanic community outgrew that of the rest of the US population and even the 2009 recession did not influence its steep growth.

According to IBISWorld there are seven sectors that will profit from this growth, one of them being education.

Hispanics comprise a quickly growing share of the higher-education sector, leading enrollment growth among all racial groups over the past five years.

Hispanics have also led strong growth in community college and trade and technical school enrollment, which offer advanced degrees at lower costs and allow students to postpone enrollment into four-year institutions, reducing overall education costs.