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Coursera Brazil

With Coursera entering Brazil LatAm becomes the next MOOC Battle Ground

Coursera announced its entrance into the Brazilian / Portuguese MOOC market through partnerships with the University of São Paulo (USP), the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP), the Lemann Foundation and the web portal R7.

Brazil represents Coursera’s fifth largest user base behind the US, India, China and UK.

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Indian MOOCs

MOOCs in India = Indian MOOCs?

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote about the MOOC movement (and hype) finally reaching India and the country’s first effort to bring some of its higher education online.

At the time the three Computer Science MOOCs were still at planning stage, so let’s take a look at what has happened within the last year and the challenges India is facing.

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Turkcell Academi

HEDLINE: Turkcell Akademi partners with Coursera

Turkcell, Turkey’s leading mobile communications provider, has formed a partnership with Coursera.

Under the agreement Turkcell created a Turkish user interface for Coursera’s website and will work together with Coursera’s current partner Koc University to subtitle existing courses and create new courses in Turkish through Turkcell Akademi.

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Coursera restores Access to non-STEM Courses for Iranian Students

Coursera announced today that it has restored access to the majority of its courses for Iranian students after working closely together with the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Control.

The General License G now states that US institutions may offer undergraduate-level online courses in the humanities, social sciences, law or business to students in Iran. The sanctions still prohibit the offering of courses that deal with advanced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

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MOOC Movement

The MOOC Movement is Healthy and Growing

Editor’s Note: This post has first been published on edcetera – straight talk on edtech

With the recent developments in the MOOC vertical one might wonder if edX is essentially the last MOOC standing. As many pointed out over the past months, the O in MOOC standing for “Open” has become increasingly meaningless.

Besides adding more and more paid features to the platforms, MOOC students from certain countries got banned from participating in the courses as their home countries are under US trade sanctions. And while edX is also looking for ways to monetize the platform and reach a state of self-sustainability, one major difference remains: it is a non-profit.

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