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Edukasyon.ph EdTech Startup Profile EDUKWEST

Edukasyon.ph – EdTech Startup Profile

Name: Edukasyon.ph
Website: www.edukasyon.ph
Headquarters: Makati City, Philippines
Vertical: K-12, Higher Education, Career
Tech: Web App

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OP-ED higher education not sustainable

Our Higher Education Model is not Sustainable

Sustainability is not merely an environmental ambition, focused on EPA-administered programs and “small footprint” tips and tricks for changing lifestyles. Sustainability, literally, is about doing things in a way that ensures they can continue to be done indefinitely.

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AdmitSee Seed FUNDED 10 2015 EDUKWEST

FUNDED: AdmitSee raises $1.8 million Seed

AdmitSee, a marketplace for college admission and career readiness, closed a $1.8 million Seed round from Social + Capital Partnership, FOUNDER.org, and Imagine K12’s Start Fund.

Founded in 2013, AdmitSee has collected over 50,000 application files and signed up over 1,000 mentors.

Further detail on TechCrunch.

Op-Ed Liberal Arts Degree EDUKWEST

The Second Life of the Liberal Arts Degree

The modern economy has no real respect for degrees—other than demanding at least a Bachelors for every position and from every applicant.

Higher education in America has become confused with trade school: everything from four-year computer science degrees to Masters-level management schools are concerned with occupational education. They are advertised as the necessary link between academic life and employment: high schoolers take jobs; college graduates enter careers.

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Shaila Ittycheria Enstitute Meet Education Project

MEP #033 with Shaila Ittycheria, Co-founder of Enstitute – Apprenticeships for 21st Century Careers

What if you could learn alongside a proven CEO and founder in an industry you were curious about?  Imagine learning about finance, sales & marketing, & product development through direct application on a daily basis.  Would you learn more than studying these disciplines in college?

Could this be a viable solution for the much publicized skills gap that learners and employers are experiencing to power the 21st century economy?

Well, I discuss the apprenticeship model with Shaila Ittycheria, co-founder of Enstitute.  Don’t miss it!

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