EDUKWEST Sunday Review

Sunday Review for the Week of March 31st 2014

In this week’s Sunday Review we got Cengage emerging from bankruptcy and focusing on digital textbooks and study guides from now on, ClassDojo entering the messaging app war with remind101, Bill Gates predicting the future of work, the gold rush around Common Core, 2U’s IPO and more.

Must Reads

Why education startup ClassDojo is entering the messaging app wars. [Fast Company]

Bill Gates recently made a bleak prognosis about jobs of the future. Not scared? You should be. [Inc.]

An unprecedented move to standardize the curriculum in schools has sparked a flurry of activity among startups and established tech companies to cash in on the changes. [UpStart Business Journal]

The world of educational technology startups–while rapidly expanding– is small enough that one IPO can have a big impact on the hopes and dreams of entrepreneurs and investors in the sector. [WSJ]

Seeding fertile ground: education that works for Bangladesh. [World Bank]

Publishing giant Cengage Learning emerged from bankruptcy Tuesday, pledging to focus on electronic versions of its textbooks and teaching aides anchored by its growing Boston office. [The Boston Globe]


MOOCs will do for education what iTunes did for music and Ireland’s universities can and should be a major player, argues Dragon’s Den’s Peter Casey. []

Studies & Research

Students who write notes by hand during lectures perform better on exams than those who use laptops, according to a new study – even when the computers are disconnected from the Internet to avoid distractions. []


Augmented Reality: Coming Soon to a School Near You? [MindShift]

C-suite executives are giving failing marks to business schools for not producing quality M.B.A.’s. Digging into the criticism yields plenty of hiring tips for startups. [Inc.]

Technology should open up the world to curious young minds — but crawling broadband speeds mean a Waterford primary class can not make best use of their fancy gadgets. [Irish Examiner]

Other News

The Chilean government plans to use the funds out of a major tax reform signed on Monday to finance a major reform of the country’s education sector, improving the quality of secondary education and allowing more young people to attend university for free. [World Bulletin]

Mexican Government discovers major truancy problem in the country’s public school system as some 39.000 Mexican teachers pick up pay, but don’t teach. [WSJ]

Over 20,000 maps and cartographic works from the NYPL’s Lionel Pincus & Princess Firyal Map Division have been uploaded and made downloadable for the public. [Motherboard]

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