EDUKWEST Sunday Review

Sunday Review for the Week of March 24th 2014

In this week’s Sunday Review we learn about closer ties between China and Saudi Arabia, that schools’ faith in tech is a cancer and what happened to Inkling.

We have infographics about the global education crisis and raising autism rates as well as studies about thinking caps, Google’s new initiative to get young Australians into coding and much more.

Must Reads

If you want to see the future of Amazon in education, don’t look to Seattle. Look to Sao Paulo. [edSurge]

Schools’ faith in technology ‘a cancer’ []

China and Saudi breaks new friendly ground through education – and atomic energy. [Your Middle East]

Sheer numbers means MOOCs will stay relevant. [boilerstation]

What happened when a digital textbook company was forced to redefine its customers. [Fast Company]


Noora Health’s training program for patients and caregivers improves recovery and reduces readmission rates. [TechCrunch]

Povio, The Polite Photo App That Students Love, Joins YC’s Winter Batch [TechCrunch]

Second Life Founder’s Startup High Fidelity Raises $2.5M From True Ventures. [TechCrunch]

BeHere lets teachers take attendance using iBeacon technology. [TechCrunch]

Higher Education & K-12

How one college went from 10% female computer-science majors to 40%. [Quartz]

A UNC Student got an A- for a 146-word plagiarized essay. [Mashable]

Studies, Research & Reports

Influential policy-informing ‘evidence’ that children’s brains are irreversibly ‘sculpted’ by parental care is based on questionable evidence. [Science Daily]

Thinking Caps? A new study shows that it is possible to selectively manipulate our ability to learn through the application of a mild electrical current to the brain, and that this effect can be enhanced or depressed depending on the direction of the current. [Vanderbilt]

UN report warns that tens of millions of children lack basic skills and access to quality schooling. [Al Jazeera]

Autism Rate Soars in CDC Study. [NBC News]

Other News

Google Australia launches “() START WITH CODE” to get young Australians into programming. [Google]

Spotify gives a half-price Premium college student discount in the US. [GigaOm]

Educomp gets approval for debt recast. [VCCircle]

How a Student used Lego to build the ultimate resume. [Mashable]

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