EDUKWEST Sunday Review

Sunday Review for the Week of April 7th 2014

In this week’s Sunday Review we have got charter schools cashing in on kids, MOOC’s older siblings and Pluralsight flexing their muscles, K12 Inc rebranding part of the company, Nigeria’s Mark Zuckerberg, the impact of student loans on the economy, how Facebook killed the class reunion and more.

Must Reads

K-12 for-profits increasingly ‘Cashing in on Kids’ [Education Dive]

Discourses of digital ‘disruption’ in education: a critical analysis []

A talk with Yuk-shan Wong on China’s education reform, Chinese Dream [globalpost]

MOOCs’ forgotten older sibling rises to take the online education throne [Pando]


Can Ireland become a global leader in education innovation? [Learnovate Centre]

What Recruiters Need to Know About EdTech–and the Expanding Talent Pool [Inc.]

Facebook Killed the Class Reunion [Huffington Post]

K-12 & Higher Education

K12 Inc. Building a New Identity for Part of the Company [Education Week]

Singapore education minister shares 4 principles on ICT use in education []

‘Nigeria’s Mark Zuckerberg’ puts tech into higher learning []

Blackboard Joins the Internet2 Community [PR Newswire]

Syracuse University gets $3 million grant from SBA [Miami Herald]

Teaching Children How to Be Entrepreneurs [WSJ]

American Students Test Well in Problem Solving, but Trail Foreign Counterparts [New York Times]

D2P’s Biondi On Getting UW-Madison More for its ($1.2B) R&D Money [Xconomy]

Paying Off Student Loans Puts A Dent In Wallets, And The Economy [npr]

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