Study proves that Social Networking enhances Student Performance

According to an article on California Watch a research by Professor Christine Greenhow from the University of Maryland proves that students who are connected via social networks like Facebook do better in school.

Students actually seem to build strong bonds when they are connected via those networks and that essentially leads to a strong sense of belonging to the school community.

“They persist in school at higher rates and achieve at higher rates. … It’s pretty promising that engaging in social networking sites could help them to develop and deepen their bonds over time.”

For the research that is going to be published in Winter, Greenhow surved 600 low-income high school students. Besides establishing friendships those students also used the networks to inform themselves about college and career opportunities.

Greenhow has studied Internet habits of young adults since 2007. In a paper published August 2009 with the title “Old Communication, New Literacies: Social Network Sites as Social Learning Resources” which Greenhow co-authored with Beth Robelia she also found that students using the network boosted their creativity and tech skills.

The paper focused on MySpace and Greenhow / Robelia found that the network has had some major key roles in the student’s lives

  1. MySpace provided an outlet for students to express their emotions.
  2. Students’ believed their social connections were actually stronger after prolonged MySpace membership.
  3. They felt MySpace encouraged openness and sharing.
  4. Students also saw MySpace as helping them strengthen family relationships.
  5. MySpace also served as a “platform” for multidimensional self-presentation.
  6. MySpace provided validation and appreciation of creative work.
  7. MySpace provided peer alumni support.
  8. MySpace provided school-task related support.
Looking at that data startups like Hoot.Me, which we recently covered and interviewed for EDUKWEST or Inigral whose founder Michael Staton I interviewed on KWestions are dead on with their approach to build their products upon the biggest social network today.


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