Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs wanted to disrupt the Textbook Market next

Steve Jobs

According to the New York Times that got an early version of the Steve Job’s biography, scheduled to coming out on 24 Oct. for the rest of us, Steve Jobs planned that his next target of disruption would be the textbook industry. After revolutionizing the music and content industry with iTunes, iPod and iPad there would have been a big chance that Jobs succeeded.

Walter Isaacson wrote in his book that Jobs planned to hire textbook writers to create digital versions of their textbooks for the iPad, and he held also meeting with major publishers in the textbook market to talk about partnerships with Apple.

The plan was to give textbooks away for free on the iPad to get around the state certification. Jobs told Isaacson “We can give them an opportunity to circumvent that whole process and save money.”

iPad and textbook applications are apparently a logic or natural combination and developers like Kno, Inkling and ScrollMotion are already showing impressive growth. Today at the LAUNCH ‘Pad Tablet event, Osman Rashid of Kno presented the latest version of the Textbook app, one of the most successful apps in education today. In my interview with Josh Koppel of ScrollMotion he explained that their company has a similar approach and work together with publishers, enabling those to better cater directly to the end user, e.g. students without the need of middle men.

Source: New York Times

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