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In this interview I talked with Stephan Stephensen, Founder and CEO of

Mingoville is an online community for kids between 5 and 15 to practice English. In fact it is much more than that. It is a gaming platform, there are books and a mobile phone application. Stephan gives us an detailed overview not only about the different features but also the philosophy behind this product.

Important for teachers: he also explains how educators can implement digital media into their curriculum and how he sees the future of teachers and learners.

Mingoville is definitely one of my favourite educational companies in 2009!


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  • patjack67

    Fascinating stuff. Stephan makes so much sense about what interests kids and the need for educators to meet them where they are. Loved the story about how naturally kids adopt technology, leaving the teachers behind! How wonderfully technology can facilitate and enrichen language learning. Are the slower-moving education providers and publishers being outmanoevered by these feathered friends and their ilk?