startup weekend edu london

Startup Weekend EDU London: The Pitches

startup weekend edu london

I am currently at the Startup Weekend EDU in London as a coach, helping the projects to shape their ideas and work on their product pitches.

I am going to add short recordings of the different groups below over the day, so check back to get the latest updates.


Team Achieve wants to build a platform that keeps track of your learning and related achievements in order to make informal learning or learning with MOOCs more valuable for both job seekers and employers.

Reading Readiness

Team Reading Readiness wants to create apps for children to help them develop core skills like reading even before they enter school.


Team Treeach is tackling the language learning market building an online platform for language teachers and students from around the world for face to face and online classes.


Team Elimu (Swahili for education) wants to tackle youth unemployment in the UK by building a Kickstarter like platform where students can upload a video CV to promote themselves to potential employers.


Team Eduudle wants to create an Expedia for online courses to help students to find the best course based on personal preferences like price, credentials etc.

Short interview with the guys from Nightzookeper, the winners of last year’s Startup Weekend EDU London who are also the organizers of this year’s event.

Short interview with a fellow mentor and co-creator of Minecraft EDU.

Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at

  • A very interesting event. Good luck Kirsten!

  • Thank you for posting these summaries, it’s always interesting to know what startup education ideas people are coming up with!

    • Yes, events like these are pretty telling. Would have loved to see some more ideas / projects that were really created in the 54 hours as many teams came already prepped and with prototypes. Lots of fun nevertheless 🙂