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ShowMe raises $800k Seed Round – Hiring a Lead Designer and Front-End Devs

ShowMe, one of our favorite startups this year here at EDUKWEST raised a $800k seed round from Lerer Ventures, SV Angel, and betaworks.

Quick reminder: ShowMe is an interactive whiteboard app with recording function for the iPad which enables educators to create video lessons similar to Khan Academy. The videos are then published on the ShowMe portal where students can easily search for relevant video lessons in the subject matter of their choice.

The iPad is the perfect device for such a usage and in the meantime TechSmith, the company behind Camtasia published a similar application called ScreenChomp which we covered in an app:ed episode.

When I asked San Kim about the funding round in an email yesterday he wrote back that

We feel it’s not something we want to get too loud about, especially since we have so much work to do!

I think, he is much too humble here, ShowMe is already a great product and I am not the only one to say that. The app has been downloaded over 150.000 times so far which is quite remarkable for an educational app.

The funding is going to be spent on some key hires primarily, but I also noticed that ShowMe dropped the word App in the domain name and is now reachable via which normally costs a bit, too. ShowMe is looking for one Lead Designer with three years of experience in building awesome products, one Front-End Developer with two years of experience and one Front-End Intern (follow the links for detailed descriptions and application).

ShowMe is currently based at General Assembly, a startup hub based in NYC.


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iTunes: ShowMeApp

Interview: EDUKWEST #66 with San Kim of ShowMe

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