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In this interview I talked with Shiv Rajendran, Operation Director of an English School that is completely on Second Life.

Shiv talks about the development of English City, the virtual town where the students meet their teachers to explore English in real life situations and the reasons why LanguageLab chose Second Life as platform.

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  • Jessie

    Hi Kirsten,

    The vid is not working for me ! Hope you can fix it ! Thanks,


  • Name

    Great idea teaching on SL – the only problem with this organization is the way employees are treated and this eventually will effect the students and the abilities they have to learn in that environment. Not paying employees and leaving them hanging on through empty promises will surely be the downfall of a really great idea.

  • Name

    Language is starting off on the wrong foot. They have several employees who were promised pay and received either very little (5% of their wage) or none at all. David Kaskel seems to be more interested in purchasing additional sims over paying his employees for the hard work. The worst thing about this organization is it's leadership.

  • Laura Jeffcoat aka Lowri Mills

    I have worked for for almost 3 years. It is the pioneer in virtual education. It is amazing to watch people from so many different countries work together. David Kaskel and the people who work and volunteer in this program are brilliant!