EDUKWEST 50 with Shai Reshef University of the People

Shai Reshef of University of the People

I’m delighted to share the 50th episode of EDUKWEST with you, today. It’s incredible what this little project of mine has evolved into and I’m excited for the future.

As the interviewer is always only half of an interview I would like to thank all the amazing people I have been fortunate to connect with for EDUKWEST, who gave from their time and who have taught me many things. EDUKWEST has provided me with a plethora of impressions, visions and lessons, I hope I have been able to share with you.

The aim of this 50th episode was to make it a visionary one and therefore I couldn’t have been happier that Shai Reshef, the founder and president of the University of the People agreed to be interviewed.


Shai being in education for over 20 years now and having an impressive track record as chairman of educational companies Kidum, KIT and, founded the UoPeople in 2009. Its objective is to democratize Higher Education by providing people with financial or social constraints with access to a university who would have never had the chance to study without this opportunity.

UoPeople is a non profit organisation, it is tuition free which clearly is disruptive for the field of Higher Ed. The university’s tuition takes place solely online and is based on a peer system. Since its launch the acceptance has been overwhelming, it now has more than 800 students coming from all over the world and more than 2000 tutors and educators from notable educational institutions give their time and work benevolent for the University of the People.

Students can currently study Computer Science and business administration which underlines the international approach of this new type of online university.

I feel, the interview keeps up with its visionary aim and genuinely enjoyed taking with Shai. It was a pleasure following his thoughts and vision for the future of education and I would be excited if you got a little inspired by our interview, too.

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