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Mau Buchler Tripppin

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by George Machlan (@myeslfriends). He is an online ESL teacher, founder of My ESL Friends and thought leader of the Edupunk movement.

Mau, or Mauricio Büchler is an enigma for me. I mean what kind of name is that? And, he calls himself “Mau” like a friendly Hawaiian or Chinese gang member. I suppose it fits with his free-wheeling lifestyle that has yet to be pigeon-holed by me yet. But I like what I see. Even the A.D.D. style of his projects seem to be ready to go “whither the spirit leadeth”.

He has been trying a lot of things over the last couple of years and seems to be blazing some trails for the Millennial learner. I have only looked superficially at him. There is surprising little available, in spite of his degree in marketing he seems to be stretched very thin and not well presented for easy codifying.

I like him primarily because of his first impression of passion and as an entertainer. He knows how to connect with a crowd and edutainment is the second name for us at The Edupunk. We are also heavily committed to gaming applications (android app writing classes have started on our channel) for our long-term strategy. This guy is worth your evaluation and possibly financial support. I am trying to get in touch with him but until then I thought you would like the couple of things I have found about his activities.

I hope to get him connected with our diva interviewer Kirsten to really drill down to the essence of his paradigm. I hear him saying that his heart is that for both the learner and teacher, IT SHOULD BE FUN!!!! Amen, brother, you are preaching to the choir! You get an honorary pass to The Edupunk.

Oh, BTW he is cute, while not a requirement for your consideration, most of the Edu-geeks that Kirsten finds are rather old (like me).

First embed is his long and almost boring TEDx video:

Second, his BIO_PREZI (he can use modern tools too!):

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George Machlan is an online ESL teacher, founder of My ESL Friends and thought leader of the Edupunk movement.

  • George

    I had a nice long talk with Mau last night.  He is a lot more cognitive (new word hehe) in his approach than his Youtube channel would indicate.  He also let me see his current product in beta development.  Too cool, hip and youth oriented for my personal taste but definitely on the right track.  He didn’t want me to share the link here as it needs a lot of work yet.  I hope that if Kirsten grants an audience (Edukwest invterview) he will share it then, no matter the state.

    I am also working on another unworthy article to share a few items that I spoke with him about concerning the minable data from his proposed apps.  Something in the line of what the Khan Academy introduced at TED earlier this year.