Rohit Agarwal of TenMarks

Teaching and learning Math will be one of the next big things in education 2.0 and other scientific subjects will follow suit. I see education start-ups targeting mathematics spring up like mushrooms at the moment. This is no such surprise in itself as languages were the easiest thing to realise seeing technology and web 2.0 tools evolve and have therefore reached the status of being boring. I say boring in a positive sense. Nowadays teaching and learning languages online is established.

However, I feel what TenMarks have developed over the last 18 months, brings some new and exciting educational ideas as well as business concepts to the table not only for learning mathematics but for education 2.0 in general.

I was privileged to do an EDUKWEST with Rohit Agarwal, co founder of TenMarks, a couple of days ago. Though it was not the first time we both spoke and I had already covered them on, I was delighted that Rohit accepted to do an interview and what he announces in the interview is truly amazing for teachers!

Besides the existing self paced learning on TenMarks that costs as little as $10 USD a month and perfectly fits each US state’s education curriculum and provides thousands of American school kids with new confidence and positive results when learning math already, Rohit makes an exclusive announcement during our interview. Any school teacher in the United States will be able to use the 10 marks interface with their class from today on absolutely for FREE! As a math teacher you can use it in your classroom or from home and provide your students with extra, customized assignments to help them get better in math and build confidence in the subject.

Moreover, the TenMarks team created thousands of free videos on Youtube to enhance students’ performance in math. These videos are also entirely free to be used by any teacher.

TenMarks as a company truly is on a mission to do their part and change education. They are passionate about what they do and this is to bring math and the fun it can be to millions of kids’ homes.

Therefore, this interview is an EDUKWEST must see, Rohit is such an interesting and great person to talk and we truly stuck to EDUKWEST’s mantra of being on the search for better education!


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1. EDUKWEST #43 with Rohit Agarwal of TenMarks     

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TenMarks on Twitter: @TenMarks
Rohit on Twitter: @rohitsf

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  • Virginia McGregor

    Kristen, This was an interesting, excellent interview with both parties presenting clear points about the process and purpose of TenMarks. I appreciated the informative questions from you and the precise answers from Rohit Agarwal. This was one of the best interviews concerning online learning tools that I have watched. Two effective communicators to help teachers and students through the process of learning better and with success. Good luck to you both on this service. Thank you for giving me more to think about, explore, and research. I will be following you both.

    • Thanks a lot for your kind words Virginia. I am glad that EDUKWEST is of value for you and that you enjoyed our interview.