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This episode of EDUKWEST is dedicated to one of the biggest trends in the online education market: learning Math. Perfect800 is a SF based start-up that helps you study for and improve on your score in the SAT Math section. On the website there are currently more than 600 problems along with their explanations available.

I did the interview with Robert Gange, co founder and CEO, who shares his extensive knowledge with us from the times he as a Math tutor was preparing students for the SAT and why he eventually decided against building a tutoring service but instead the team built the product around asynchronous content.

The website is very intuitive and easy to navigate and I love the design. It’s refreshingly new and different from many other educational websites and products I have revised.

In the product itself, Students have different study modes to choose from: they can study on specific questions but also go back into sections they had finished but made mistakes. As every problem comes with a detailed explanation how to solve it, students can train areas in which they encountered problems specifically.

Users also have the possibility to get serious and put themselves in the exam sitting situation. You will get the questions the same way they will be presented in the actual exam later on and see how you perform under realistic testing conditions.

I really liked the next two product features. In order to stay motivated students are also rewarded whilst learning Math and unlock badges. These will give them access to new games and challenges.

Over the whole SAT Math preparation process students get metrics and their performance statistics, so that perfect transparency is ensured.

I think, Robert and the team pretty much hit it with Perfect800. The website is fast and works really well. It gives students everything they need when prepping for the SAT without the need of paying for an expensive tutor and it even provides users with a social layer of badges and gaming aspects and for the serious performance oriented students (or should I say parents) there are the metrics to measure success and performance over time.

Finally I would like to thank Steve Cooper of Camelback Education for introducing me to this great startup.


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EDUKWEST #52 with Robert Gange of Perfect800

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  • It is a great website for students. I like to add for more information about college tips and preparation for SAT.