review:ed #9 with Christopher Dawson of ZDNet

Christopher Dawson ZDNet
Christopher Dawson ZDNet

For this last episode of review:ed in 2011 I invited Christopher Dawson, contributing editor at ZDNet and Vice President of Business Development at WizIQ. Chris has a long track record in education and is one of my favorite education / technology bloggers out there. Hence it was great to have him for a review of the big stories in 2011 and also for an outlook on the coming year.

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Show Notes

  • [02:00] How did the economy influence education in 2011
  • [05:00] Open Educational Resources & SOPA
  • [08:37] Implementing Tech in the Classroom
  • [13:00] Moodle and other LMSs
  • [17:49] Why Android did not take off in 2011
  • [21:48] Microsoft Windows Phone 7
  • [25:18] Tablets
  • [33:50] Bring your own Device
  • [38:00] Textbook Rentals / E-Textbooks
  • [41:40] Pearson
  • [47:25] Virtual Classrooms
  • [52:27] Facebook
  • [55:57] Text Messages in the Classroom
  • [58:15] Khan Academy
  • [01:01:10] Mobile Learning
  • [01:06:56] 21st Century Skills

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