Gian Marco Masoni Einztein

review:ed #8 with Gian Marco Masoni of Einztein

Gian Marco Masoni Einztein

Gian Marco Masoni

For this (almost) Christmas edition of review:ed I invited Gian Marco Masoni of Einztein. As we had a great talk during our EDUKWEST interview a couple of weeks ago and his thoughtful piece on the connected TV as potential education device he wrote for EDUKWEST, I wanted to have his thoughts on last week’s stories in education as well.

Big thank you to Marco for doing this episode with me, leaving his family on a Friday before Christmas!

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  • [02:13] Why SOPA Could Kill the Open Education Resource Movement
    Source: GOOD
  • [10:00] Education companies that support SOPA
    Source: VentureBeat


  • [18:10] Mozilla Open Badges Infrastructure
    Source: EDUKWEST
  • [27:00] MITx – free online courses with certification
    Source: EDUKWEST


  • [36:05] The top 5 ed tech developments of 2011 that weren’t
    Source: ZDNet
  • [48:10] Mobile Learning, Data Usage & Texting
    Source: EDUKWEST
  • [57:15] The Connected TV as Education Tool
    Source: EDUKWEST

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