Alicia Chang AiryLabs

review:ed #7 with Alicia Chang of AiryLabs

Alicia Chang AiryLabs
Alicia Chang, Ph.D.

In this episode of review:ed I was happy to be joined by one of our latest members of Team EDUKWEST. Alicia Chang, Ph.D. is the Director of Science and Learning at AiryLabs and will have her own show on science behind education startups here on EDUKWEST starting in January 2012.

Besides that she will also cover news from the Valley, visit startup founders in their offices and more.

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Hello-Hello - Language on the Go! This Interview is sponsored by Hello-Hello – Language on the Go!

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Facebook & Google

  • Facebook piloting closed .EDU Groups [02:50]
    Source: Inside Higher Ed
  • Microsoft launched – Student Network built upon Facebook [07:20]
    Source: TechCrunch
  • College Tips by Google [11:04]
    Source: Google
  • YouTube for Schools [15:40]
    Source: Engadget

In the Classroom

  • UNESCO mobile learning week [22:00]
    Source: UNESCO
  • Free college textbooks in California [30:00]
    Source: MindShift
  • MAT@USC and 2tor launch [36:00]
    Source: EDUKWEST


  • Google and Seattle angles grant $250k to Vittana [42:34]
    Source: GeekWire

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