review:ed #6 with Shiv Rajendran of

Shiv Rajendran
Shiv Rajendran

After more than a year on the back burner I am happy to relaunch review:ed, a weekly show in which a changing guest and I discuss the top education news of the past week. It started at but now is an official part of EDUKWEST.

For this relaunch episode I invited my old friend and regular Shiv Rajendran, Director of Operations at

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Adaptive Learning

  • Grockit raised $7 million [02:20]
    Source: TechCrunch
  • Knewton raised $33 million
    Source: TechCrunch 
  • Knewton to power Pearson Digital Education [10:30]
    Source: TechCrunch
  • DreamBox Learning raised $11 million [13:50]
    Source: EDUKWEST

Academia & Science

  • raised $4.5 million [17:20]
    Source: EDUKWEST
  • Late Nite Labs raised $1.1 million [24:25]
    Source: TechCrunch
  • Science Exchange raised $1.5 million
    Source: TechCrunch

Free Education

  • Khan Academy to change economics of education [32:50]
    Source: Big Think
  • Khan criticism rises
    Source: Action-Reaction
  • $6 million to educate the world [43:00]
    Source: Big Think

Public Education

  • Edmodo raised $15 million [54:10]
    Source: EDUKWEST
  • MasteryConnect raised $1.1 million [59:50]
    Source: EDUKWEST
  • UAA Slows Down Internet to Combat Piracy [1:02:20]
    Source: KTUU 



Kirsten Winkler is the founder and editor of EDUKWEST. She also writes about Social Media, Digital Society and Startups at

  • Is there a shorter version of the interview available – a transcript, or a list of main bullet points, or even a series of videos for each segment/topic so we can skip and choose?

    • It’s in the planning but editing is time intensive. Otherwise, there is also an audio version Will see if I can add timemarks 🙂