review:ed #27 Vineet Madan McGraw-Hill Education

review:ed #27 with Vineet Madan of McGraw-Hill Education

review:ed #27 Vineet Madan McGraw-Hill EducationIn this episode we speak with Vineet Madan, Senior Vice President of New Ventures at McGraw Hill.
Based on a paper recently published by the company we start the interview by trying to define what adaptive learning means and how to integrate this concept with technology to make it work in the classroom.

Key features here are assessing what people know at what point in time and how well they know it.
We then take a deeper look into the needs of teachers to make it attractive and easy for them to deploy these tools. McGraw Hill sees professional development tailored to the specific school as key element here along with strong tech support.

Next we talk a bit about the tablet space unfolding quickly and what might be the opportunities of integrating this technology in the classroom.

Lastly, we encapsulate some of the points we touched on during the interview to try make a prediction of what education might look like in the future: supporting teachers in this transition period, not one single company can solve this problem as Madan puts it, there needs to be a coalition of the willing to offer an industry solution for an industry problem along with federal and state government as well as some of the associations.

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